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We offer a wide range of global, regional and country specific strategies, investing across the market cap spectrum and with various risk and return objectives.

Meeting companies and conducting fundamental research lie at the heart of our stock picking approach to equity investing. We look for companies that can create sustainable long-term value and believe that by engaging with companies we can gain a thorough understanding of their business models, company finances, competitive pressures and drivers of corporate profits.

Combining this bottom-up analysis with in-house thematic and macroeconomic insights into markets helps us to build portfolios that can deliver consistent, long-term outperformance.

Why choose Columbia Threadneedle for equities?

A key tenet of our investment approach is research intensity. A team of over 200 investment professionals is dedicated to original independent research, the sharing of global perspectives and data analytics, across all major asset classes and markets. *

Being a responsible investor is integral to our business proposition and defines how we act in the marketplace. We feel that it is important to create our own metrics for assessing companies and as a result we have our own responsible investment ratings which are used by our investment teams as a core input to their fundamental analysis when assessing and engaging with candidate companies for investment.

This research intensity, combined with our expertise and our culture of collaboration, has enabled us to deliver a proven track record of strong, consistent risk-adjusted returns, making us a dependable partner for your equity investments.

* Source: Columbia Threadneedle Investments, as at 31 March 2022.

23 November 2023

Melda Mergen

Global Head of Equity

With macro risks elevated it’s all about stock selection

There are plenty of macro drivers that will create equity volatility in 2024. To succeed, investors will need to maintain a resilient portfolio.
Read time - 4 min
15 November 2023

William Davies

Global Chief Investment Officer

Balancing uncertainty and optimism

The slowdown we are all expecting keeps being put off, but how severe will it be when it eventually shows up?
Read time - 4 min
8 November 2023

Sally Springer

Senior Thematic Research Analyst, Global Research

The substitution effect: AI and the labour market

As investors, we need to know how firms will manage the seismic shift that jobs markets will experience due to generative AI over the next few years and decades.
Read time - 2 min
7 November 2023

Phillip Dicken

Head of International Equities

European smaller companies outlook

Valuations are increasingly attractive, supporting the case for renewed outperformance of small cap stocks.
Read time - 2 min
7 November 2023

Paul Doyle

Head of Europe ex-UK Equities

'Higher for longer’ rates will curb inflation, so quality is the way to go

Interest rates are at or close to a peak, but will remain higher for longer. Recession in the US remains likely, much more so than in Europe. We think European equities may once again outperform the US.
Read time - 2 min
13 October 2023

Simon Morton-Grant

Client Portfolio Manager

Japan Equity: a strong track record in an exciting market

Why investors are excited about Japan and why, ahead of the launch of the Japan Equity SICAV launch, we have five unique selling points for our Japan capability.
Watch time - 6 min

Client Solutions

Global Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are fast becoming the driver of global growth. This underpins the most exciting theme in emerging markets – the rise of the middle class and its evolving consumer pattern, from tourism to the pioneering of new products and services.

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