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Columbia Threadneedle Investments Update

Our exposure to Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic Bank and Signature Bank

Climate change

Managing climate risk and opportunities in investment portfolios and across business operations under the framework recommended by the TCFD.


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9 June 2023

Christopher Hult

Portfolio Manager, Fixed income

Residential and datacentres - European investment grade credit

Finding the right locations in European real estate credit. Any why residential and datacentres look attractive.
Read time - 5 min
9 June 2023

Conflict risk: an engagement update

The world’s facing much geopolitical uncertainty. We’ve been engaging with companies on their exposure to high-risk areas like Myanmar, Sudan, Russia, and Ukraine. Read more in our latest Conflict Risk engagement update.
Read time - 2 min
7 June 2023

Marcus Wilert

Vice President, Analyst Responsible Investment

ESG Viewpoint: what makes supply chain due diligence effective?

Understanding how companies can manage supply chain risks and why they matter to investors. Read more in our latest ESG Viewpoint.
Read time - 2 min