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Pauline Grange

Pauline Grange

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1 March 2021

Pauline Grange interview: sustainability and investing

Global equities portfolio manager Pauline Grange talks about sustainability, her approach to investing and how she goes about identifying companies.
15 January 2021

Looking forward to a recovery with ‘green collar’ jobs

A competitive tension is building between countries not wanting to get left behind in the drive to reach zero carbon emissions targets. In light of this 2021 promises to be a seminal year.
Read time - 4 min
14 January 2021

European sustainable infrastructure - in a sweet spot

There are four issues that affected infrastructure in 2020, and they reaffirm our confidence in the team’s long-term investment thesis and strategy.
Read time - 6 min
6 April 2020

Infographic: 10 factors that could change economies and markets forever

The Covid-19 crisis has challenged individuals, families, companies, governments and investment markets around the world. It is an experience that could fundamentally reshape consumer and corporate behaviour as well as financial markets.
1 March 2020

Looking beyond coronavirus

For electronics and semiconductors, one of the impacts of the coronavirus in China has been the revelation that we are too reliant on Chinese supply chains.
1 February 2020

Dealing with our plastic waste

We have a plastic problem. On a trip to visit my family in South Africa at Christmas, what struck me was that even on the most remote and protected marine coastline my children and I managed to fill bags with plastic straws and other plastic debris. And the stats confirm we have a problem.
1 January 2020

Adidas LDN store visit - a focus on sustainability

Just before Christmas, I paid a visit to the new Adidas flagship store on Oxford Street, London.

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